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Episode Twenty Eight

We wrap up our final episode of the Slack Variety Pack with a topic near and dear to our hearts: Emoji.

Looking at this funny little way of communicating, in this episode you’ll learn etiquette tips for using emoji in the workplace, explore new ideas around how emoji represent people and cultures, and hear a whale of an emoji story.

And, of course, you’ll find out what’s coming up next in our podcast adventures. It’s Episode 28 - Hear Ye, Hear Ye Pack! 😘

Episode Twenty Seven

The whirligig of life throws many seemingly unfathomable questions our way: What’s stronger, coffee or tea? Is it better to stay put or live and work abroad? And if we can’t find what we’re looking for, do we quit looking or spin it into a new idea?

Onwards towards the great beyond, it’s Episode 27 — Jet Pack.

Episode Twenty Six

In this episode we meet some people who not only know, but live the old adage: “The show must go on”. A circus family who continue their high-wire family tradition despite a terrifying tightrope tragedy, a handful of chefs who fuel rockstars on the road, a woman taking charge of heart disease with the help of an app, and a few wise children who school us on surviving group work.

Pluck up your courage and forge ahead, it’s Episode 26 — Resilience Pack.

Episode Twenty Five

We talk to some very smart people about breaking bad habits, working out our multitasking muscles, and even learn how to navigate business travel without breaking the bank. It’s Episode 25 — Booster Pack!

Episode Twenty Four

It’s the little things that count: A comma that turns a sentence into pure poetry, a chaise so relaxing it eases your mind into a state of genius, a simple math formula that diagnoses diseases, or some simple words of encouragement to uplift you right when you need it most.

We’re getting to know some people who use a bevy of tiny details to do really great things in Episode 24 — The Little Things Pack!

Episode Twenty Three

A simple introduction can go a long way: It can transform mere coworkers into close friends, convert co-working spaces into communities, lead you to brilliant people who help you see the truth about yourself, and even teach grade school kids the ways of the world.

Greetings friends, allow us to introduce you to Episode 23 — Meet Pack!

Episode Twenty Two

In this episode, we invite best-selling author and speaker Brené Brown to help us unpack the stories we tell ourselves, that change the way we work together. We also dig into new research that may enhance your coffee habit, use an old kitchen gadget to test a new productivity tip, and talk to an intrepid team who left the comforts of city life to take up the post among the penguins in the Antarctic.

Dust off those mental cobwebs, it’s Episode 22 — Flip Pack.

Episode Twenty One

One for the introverts, the seekers of solitude, the I-just-need-a-minute-to-myself-ers! (So basically, everyone, at some point or another). In this episode we find out how a cardboard box can be the secret to finding alone time at work; whisk you away from your smartphone to restore your creative spark; find solace surfing the waves of the lonely web; and explore the wild world of a Winter Keeper, working solo to protect one of our most treasured national parks.

Quick, find a place all to yourself — it’s Episode 21: Alone Pack!

Episode Twenty

Don those thinking caps, in this episode we’re reevaluating old work habits, from that pesky alarm clock serenading your eardrums in the early mornings, to finding new ways to deal with those petty inter-office spats, to rejiggering the very idea of the full-time gig.

Be prepared to sport your best IRL thinking face emoji — it’s Episode Twenty: Rethink Pack!

Episode Nineteen

For your dubious pleasure, we assemble a ragtag crew of outliers, rabble rousers, and even a “demon extractor” in search of the swiftest way to expel toxicity from work and life. They share with us the secrets to facing conflict, wowing at job interviews and soothing ailing auras. Be ready to cast out your demons: it’s the most cleansing episode yet — Episode Nineteen: Oust Pack!

Episode Eighteen

It’s a new year! And with that comes endless possibilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Conquering work-related resolutions
  • Team-building on cliffs during lightning storms
  • Becoming the coolest person in your office by not upgrading your phone
  • Becoming the smartest person in your office by using your phone
  • Engaging in bovine-centric virtual role play

Is 2016 going to be the greatest year EVER or what?!

Episode Seventeen

Much like a Greatest Hits compilation, this episode is an assembly of some of our most popular stories of the year, with a few new stories to prove that the band hasn’t broken up.

So if you’ve ever wondered where the word “podcast” came from, why Ashton Kutcher is the King of Silicon Valley, or wanted to hear grandchildren shame their grandparents through the power of an open letter, then this hit-stuffed podcast equivalent of a K-Tel record is just for you.

With love from the team at Slack, it’s Episode Seventeen: Our Favorite Things - Part II

Episode Sixteen

To introduce this episode of the Slack Variety Pack, we invite you to join us in a merry little chorus sing-a-long. Altogether now:

Parents and Pinterest and holiday greetings,
Permanent shorts and celebrity meetings.
Podcast suggestions to make your ears sing,
These are a few of our favorite things!

With love from the team at Slack, it’s Episode Sixteen: Our Favorite Things Pack.

Episode Fifteen

This episode is the gift that keeps on giving. We have stories for the somewhat ‘naughty’ and a veritable sleigh full of ‘nice’ stories guaranteed* to give you warm and fuzzy feelings no matter what holiday you’re celebrating.

*N.B. Warm fuzzies not guaranteed. If you do experience warm and fuzzy sensations, please consult your doctor.

Episode Fourteen

Thanksgiving is a time of year for giving thanks, and for stuffing. Stuffing the turkey with stuffing. Stuffing yourself with stuffing. Stuffing your car and online shopping cart full of … STUFF.

And of course, stuffing your ears with podcast deliciousness. Thankfully, we have just the thing: Episode 14 of the Slack Variety Pack (Stuffing Pack).

Episode Thirteen

There are 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months in a year — Plenty of time for setting world records, writing critically-acclaimed debut novels, adjusting to Daylight Savings, and listening to podcasts.

Like this one: It’s time for Episode 13: Tick Tock Pack

Episode Twelve

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s lurking in the shadows… waiting to jump out and scare the beetlejuice out of you.

For this ghoulish occasion, we have assembled a terrifyingly good collection of stories. Tune in and:

  • Discover job descriptions that double as Halloween costumes
  • Learn to cope with those frightful, goosebump-inducing notifications
  • Hear the cryptic sounds emanating from the world’s creepiest Airbnb

Velcome to Episode Tvelve… Ze Scaredy Pack! BOOOO!

Episode Eleven

You deserve a break. Seriously. Your iPhone screen has been cracked for months. Someone stole your artwork and is selling it on stuff all over the internet.

So take a nap.

Go for a nice walk.

And please… treat yourself to a beautiful handmade artisanal ice cube.

It’s Episode 11: Break Pack.

Episode Ten

Join us in the not‑so‑distant future as we explore strange new worlds and the evolution of society. Imagine a time where:

  • There are no bosses
  • Farmers are the new technorati
  • Clean water is the new oil
  • Your toddler can use an app to make playdates

Enter the twilight zone in Episode 10: Pack To The Future!

Episode Nine

Episode 9 is the audio equivalent of a full moon. There will be unusual behavior. You will use words incorrectly. Puns will suddenly become funny. And bananas will become horse buttocks. And because it’s a full moon… there will be wolves.

Episode Eight

You will not believe our productivity in Episode 8: Action Pack. We are seriously getting things done. A short checklist:

  • All those pesky HR problems? Solved.
  • Configure a bot to run meetings and order lunch? Done.
  • Change the internal workings of Hollywood? Check.

How did we do all this? We got a little help from some guy named David Allen…

Episode Seven

It’s summertime and the living is easy. So take as much vacation as you want, spend hours perusing the world’s weirdest Pinterest boards, become a Twitter celebrity, and PLEASE update that tired email signature from 2007. Or at least do all those things vicariously, through the power of podcasting.

Welcome to Episode 7 - The Laid Back.

Episode Six

OH MY. Someone just stole all my passwords! My parents have NO clue what I do for a living!!! I think my disposable coffee cup lid has been touched by a dozen strangers!!! AND I’m 12,500 feet under the ocean, stuck on the deck of the Titanic!!!…

Welcome to Episode 6: The Panic Pack. Breathe in… breathe out. You’re in a safe place now.

Episode Five

Episode 5: Why the design of elevators makes for a horrifically awkward social experience. Learn how to nail your start-up pitch with the Hollywood Elevator Pitch. And meet Black Girls Code, an organization working to fix Silicon Valley’s diversity problems. Rise up for Episode 5: Lift Pack!

Episode Four

Episode 4: An homage to those with the dedication to turn their cubicles into overflowing Hello Kitty shrines. An outpouring of emotion for outdated cords and cables. And black holes popping in and out of existence inside your knuckles. Welcome to Episode 4: Burst Pack.

Episode Three

It’s Episode 3, the Sensory Overload Pack. Discover the smelliest foods to microwave in the office, the instinctive reactions we have to notification noises, and how the very essence of our being—DNA—might revolutionize data storage. Sounds! Sights! Smells! And as a bonus: Shorts.

Episode Two

In the second episode of the Slack Variety Pack, we examine the origin and secret sauce of the most popular podcasts, talk to Tina Roth Eisenberg about finding creative solutions for tough problems, and meet the man who quit his job to make a living taking pictures of waves.

Episode One

In the debut episode of the Slack Variety Pack, we reach for the stars, work out a way of adapting emoji for audio use and delve inside a computer capable of both changing the world and blowing your mind (at the same time).