Are you making mobile apps? You'll need a way to track their sales, reviews, ranks, and more!With the Appfigures Slack app you'll be able to receive Alerts for you apps directly into Slack. Some examples:* Notify your developers when a new review mentioning the keyword crash and has 1 or 2 stars.
* Notify your marketing team of new 5-star reviews.
* Get your daily sales, downloads, ad performance, and review summary every day. (coming soon)
* And many more!Appfigures aggregates app sales, reviews, ranks, featured and more from all major app stores and ad networks so you have the most accurate bottom line. We have the most strict privacy policy around and don't share or sell any of your private data.Appfigures connects to: iTunes Connect, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Store, Steam, and over 25 ad networks. See them all at - A paid Appfigures plan is required for this to work. Start your free trial at
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