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Big companies simply don't work like small companies, and they don't use Slack the same way either. That's why there's Grid.

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Enterprise Grid brings the power and utility of Slack to large, complex organizations.

Managing Slack at any scale

The ease of communication and natural flow of work that millions have found in Slack can now come to your company — thanks to a single layer that brings all parts of your business together.

For different groups of people working together.

Share channels between workspaces

Shared channels between workspaces connect teams when needed, unlocking flexibility to build communication structures that mirror the way your company works.

A workspace for every team.

Unlimited workspaces

Unlimited workspaces let you provide every team with a focused place to work, with access to the people, information, and apps that matter the most to their projects.

Gain access to all organizational knowledge.

Find information across your company

Search, direct messaging, and announcement-focused channels work across your entire company, enabling people to find the information and people they need to get work done.

Apps that work well with Enterprise Grid. Install these apps for a seamless experience working across workspaces and shared channels.

Unify your tools and systems with Slack’s platform

Integrations for Slack Enterprise Grid can be provisioned across your whole company — or more selectively to individual workspaces and the shared channels between them.

With over 900 apps and bots to choose from, you can give your teams the specific tools they need to do their work from Slack.

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Gartner names Slack a leader

Slack’s enterprise readiness, market share, and customer satisfaction are just a few of the reasons it leads the Workstream Collaboration market.

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Customers love Slack

Thousands of teams across the world use Slack to make their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

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Jet loves Slack

Before we had one spot for all our updates, we lost a lot of time piecing together data from multiple sources. With Slack, we’re able to streamline that process very efficiently.

Mark Schechter
Director of Infrastructure Engineering

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Ocado loves Slack

The fantastic thing about Slack is transparency. Everyone can see what everyone else is working on and the status of things is much more visible.

Clifford Bailey
Head of Technology

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R/GA loves Slack

We're working as a team across 4 different locations right now in 3 different time zones. Slack is what has kept everyone up to speed.

Katrina Bekessy
Senior Technology Director

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