Efficient enterprises collaborate in Slack

Better business decisions happen faster in Slack, the collaboration hub for connected enterprises.

Slack workspaces are available on your laptop and phone

Enable efficient teamwork

Work in Slack happens in channels — a single place to communicate, share files, and make decisions. Channels bring together cross-functional and cross-departmental teams so everyone always stays on the same page.

Save time for smarter work

Working in Slack provides faster access to people and information, reducing the number of meetings and emails it takes to get work done. Organized channels and powerful search put instant communication and knowledge at everyone’s fingertips.

Put collaboration in motion

Collaborate from anywhere with the fast, secure, and fully-featured mobile app. With on-the-go access to direct and group messaging, file sharing, calls, and tools, you can move seamlessly from desktop to mobile and back again.

Peace of mind with built-in security and compliance

Efficient collaboration depends on the right information being shared with the right people at the right time — and knowing it’s shared securely. Slack ensures sensitive company and customer information remains secure with enterprise-ready security features and compliance with various industry and cloud service standards.

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Data encryption in transit and at rest

SAML-based SSO

SCIM provisioning

Granular app management

Custom message retention

Support for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Support for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Support for e-Discovery

Support for Audit Logs

Data residency

Get more out of your existing software

Slack adds value to your existing tech stack by centralizing information from the software you already use. Cut down time spent switching windows, smoothing out stilted processes and breaking down information silos in the process.

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Google Drive

Manage large, complex teams with Enterprise Grid

Mirror the way your company works with Slack Enterprise Grid. Unlimited workspaces give every group a place to organize their work, while centralized controls give administrators a single point of visibility for the whole organization.

Slack workspaces are available on your laptop and phone

Scale with unlimited workspaces

Provide every team with a focused place to work. Unlimited workspaces give teams access to the people, information, and apps that matter the most to their projects.

Build bridges between teams

Create communication structures that mirror the way your company works. Slack Connect brings together teams when needed, including with outside vendors.

Find information across your company

Enable members of any team to find the information and people they need to get work done with organization-wide search, direct messaging, and announcement channels.

Fine-tune your security settings

From a single view, administrators can manage security, policy, and compliance for your entire organization — or for specific workspaces, as projects and work warrants.

The New York Times

Industry experts name Slack a category leader

Don’t just take it from us — industry analysts have vetted Slack’s ability to save time for teams.

IDC: Business Value of Slack

Departments of all kinds are finding value in adopting Slack, whether it's a salesperson closing more deals or a recruiter finding their ideal candidate, faster. In this study, IDC measures the value of Slack for teams in Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer Support, and Engineering.

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