Slack for Public Sector

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Take on important issues anytime, anywhere. Slack is a secure space to connect your team, tools and data with the contractors, nonprofits and government agencies you work with every day.

Slack is at the center of various municipal buildings, serving as a hub where they all come together.
  • US Department of Defense
  • US Department of Veteran Affair
  • Mantech
  • Team America Relief
secure and flexible teamwork

Compliant collaboration built for the public sector

  • Achieve peace of mind with enterprise-grade security threaded through each and every aspect of Slack
  • Strengthen cross-sector alliances and speed up interagency work by uniting everyone in Slack Connect
  • Drive greater alignment with fewer meetings by harnessing the power of channels, huddles and clips
  • Increase operational efficiencies in a trusted 360 ecosystem with Slack and Salesforce
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GovSlack was designed for the U.S. federal government

  • Data is protected in AWS GovCloud centers operated by U.S. personnel

  • Secure collaboration extends to external partners with Slack Connect

  • Create and audit custom encryption keys with Enterprise Key Management

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Replace information silos with a culture of knowledge sharing

  • Use Slack channels to unite and organize all relevant information in a single searchable location
  • Create automated learning paths, spin up dedicated spaces for new hires, and utilize conversation history to put institutional knowledge at everyone’s fingertips
  • Slack’s AI-powered search gets smarter as you use it, making finding answers easier than ever before

The Department of Defense reported:


increase in productivity1


reduction in email1

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Slack provides a single source of truth for emergency operations

  • Respond faster with all alerts, responders, internal and external agencies and remediation tools together in Slack
  • Create a digital playbook in Slack to be ready for action at a moment’s notice
  • Save lives and livelihoods with rapid organization around natural disasters and matters of public safety

“Time was of the essence, and we needed a more streamlined way to share time-sensitive information that could be the difference between life or death in some instances.”

Team America Relief logo
Anh-Thu Nguyen, ​Advocacy and Legal Team Lead, Team America Relief
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Frequently asked questions

Excellent question. Slack is a way for your entire organization to communicate internally and externally. Instead of one-off email chains, all your communication is organized into channels that are easy to create, join and search. When there’s a channel for everything going on across your agency, everyone knows exactly where to go to get work done. In addition to better collaboration and organization, Slack’s search functionality lets you find any conversation or resource that’s been shared publicly, which helps unlock institutional knowledge. For more reading on the topic, we recommend checking out our Resources Library.

It’s even more secure. Unlike email, Slack is not susceptible to spam or phishing, which causes 90% of data breaches. Your Slack handle cannot be sold to advertisers or be put on a mailing list. You will only ever receive Slack messages from other people inside your organization, or from trusted contractors and interagency partners using Slack Connect. Slack offers data protection and privacy controls designed to meet the needs of the most highly regulated industries. Granular settings allow admins to customize security for each user, so no one sees things they shouldn’t. Learn more about how Slack can securely replace email inside your agency.

GovSlack was purpose-built to meet the needs of federal agencies, contractors and partners that must comply with FedRAMP High. This rating allows you to share sensitive information and workloads up to and including Controlled Unclassified Information. If you don’t work with information that meets these levels of sensitivity, you can use any version of Slack; even the free version was built with security at its core. Best of all, you don’t have to choose between one platform or the other, as agencies can log in to multiple workspaces that include Slack and GovSlack with the same credentials and authentication tools.

1 Source: The value of Slack for Government