Information Technology

Uncover the full potential of your IT teams and tools

Slack puts your people and your tech stack into a single place, so they all work better together, across the organization.

Optimize your tech stack

Get more ROI from your tech investment

  • Two-way API brings separate tools together, opening access for every department and multiplying impact
  • Organizations large and small realize value faster from software and services
  • Securely flow info from all your tools into Slack channels, where teams see it—and act on it—faster


3-year ROI for deploying Slack*


annual productivity savings*

*Source: Forrester, “The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Technical Teams”
Work Faster

Break down collaboration barriers

  • Automate away costs across the organization with customizable bots, workflows and apps
  • Accelerate work and guide decisions when you open up communication in organization-wide channels
  • Work securely with customers, partners and vendors using Slack Connect
Learn how Slack Connect works

“Slack has become the backbone for facilitating secure collaboration and social connection across our enterprise. We’ve seen a significant reduction in email usage, and teams are communicating more effectively.”

TD Ameritrade logo
Vijay Sankaran, CIO, TD Ameritrade
Drive Engagement

Tools that are easy to use get used

  • Fuel business success with an intuitive UI that fosters deep, sustained engagement
  • De-silo communication by putting team discussions and decisions in a single, searchable place: Slack
  • Grow community and team culture across the company with messaging that feels human


would be unhappy if Slack were taken away1


more daily usage than other collaboration apps2

1Source: Slack survey, August 2020
2Source: App Annie

Over 2,600 integrations and counting

Slack connects with all your favorite tools, like Google Drive, Okta, Outlook and Zoom.

See all integrations

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Frequently asked questions

Easily automate routine actions and communication by using Workflow Builder to create your own custom workflows in Slack.

To access Workflow Builder, head to the main menu in Slack (by clicking on your workspace name at the top left) and navigate to Tools > Workflow Builder. From there you can create a custom workflow or choose from available pre-built templates. For help creating your own workflow, check out our step-by-step guide.

Workflow Builder is available on all paid Slack plans.

Yes. Slack Connect lets you work securely with external partners like vendors, contractors and customers. More than 5,200 organizations use Slack Connect to speed up work and strengthen relationships with their partners. Slack Connect is available on all paid plans. Learn more about Slack Connect here.

Yes, Slack integrates with Zendesk, as well as more than 2,200 apps like Salesforce, Okta, ServiceNow and Zoom. You can browse the apps in the Slack App Directory.

If you use custom tools—or follow processes specific to your company—you can use Slack’s Workflow Builder to create a flow that fits your needs. Or you can build a custom app using the Slack API.

Channels are where work happens in Slack. A channel is a single place for a team to share messages, tools and files. People often create channels for company announcements, customer support triage, asking for IT or HR help, and sharing social interests.

Channels can be public (open to everyone at the organization) or private (invite-only). In addition, organizations on a paid Slack plan can share a channel with external partners, like agencies, clients and vendors, with Slack Connect. Learn more about how channels can speed up your daily work here.

Yes. You can securely discuss confidential information in Slack. Slack offers multiple ways to ensure that your information, conversations and files stay safe. Slack delivers enterprise-grade security at every layer, adhering to multiple compliance certifications, including SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001 and more. Slack is GDPR-compliant and can be configured for HIPAA and FINRA compliance. It is FedRAMP Moderate authorized.

In addition, Slack offers many security features—such as Enterprise Key Management—that allow admins fine-grained control over data encryption. You can also integrate your own security tools with Slack to get instant notification if a threat is detected. Learn more about Slack’s comprehensive security program here.