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Get more done, faster. Transform everyday processes into automated workflows without writing a single line of code.

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Automate anything, from simple to complex

No technical skills? No problem. With Workflow Builder, anyone can build automated processes with drag-and-drop simplicity to allow your team to be more creative, precise and effective throughout the workday.

    Learn how Wayfair unlocked automation

    “Slack’s Workflow Builder helps teams streamline processes, enhance collaboration and boost productivity. With automated tasks and seamless integrations, Slack helps us focus more on customer and supplier experiences and less on administration.”

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    Asad Rahman, Director of Employee Technology, Wayfair
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    “Automation has really improved our team’s performance and productivity—people save countless hours by no longer doing manual tasks.”

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    Alexis Lopez
    Business Operations Tech and Automation Manager,
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    Connect your favorite tools with just a click

    Bring your suite of tools into Slack, then let Workflow Builder take care of the rest. Plug-and-play connectors keep work flowing across all your automations, all in one place. Less context switching. Greater focus.

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      increase in time saved due to automation1


      of those who build Slack workflows are non-technical2

      1Source: FY23 Customer Success Metrics, Salesforce, survey of 115-755 Slack and Salesforce dual users, July 2022
      2Source: Slack internal data

      Easily introduce your team to automations

      Send workflows in messages, embed them in canvases, bookmark them in a channel, and more! Workflow Builder seamlessly integrates into how you work in Slack, making it a breeze for the entire team to get on board.

        Inspire your inner builder

        Stacks of icons representing different apps to connect to Workflow Builder
        Stacks of icons representing different apps to connect to Workflow Builder

        Customize the flow of work

        Take automation to greater heights with custom code in Slack’s API. Plug in connectors to translate actions in Slack to instant results in your favorite third-party tools.

        Start building custom steps

        Frequently asked questions

        Workflow Builder is a paid feature included in the Slack Pro, Business+ and Enterprise subscriptions. To explore free and paid subscriptions, take a look at our pricing page.

        Workflows built with the new version of Workflow Builder that meet certain criteria will be chargeable.

        Because Workflow Builder is so flexible, workflows can be created for a wide range of tasks. Many people create workflows for things like sharing info with new teammates, submitting time-off requests for approval, filing support tickets, asking for feedback from coworkers, facilitating Q&A sessions, and more! The possibilities are practically endless. Get inspired with these sample workflows.

        Think of workflows as a series of actions and reactions. Every workflow in Slack starts with a trigger. Some triggers kick off a workflow automatically, such as at a scheduled date and time, while others kick off when someone takes an action, such as selecting it from the shortcuts menu.

        When one of these actions is taken, the trigger automatically sets off workflow steps. These steps are how people interact with your workflow. You can add steps that send messages or customized forms, or use steps from connectors that link your workflow to other tools.

        Ready to try it yourself? Open Workflow Builder to get started!

        Yes! With connectors, you can create workflows that automatically send information to tools such as Jira, Salesforce and Google Sheets. Learn more about how to create a new workflow with connectors.