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Coordinate your security in Slack

Slack is the central place where your team can collaborate securely, safeguard data and resolve incidents quickly.


Protect your data while staying connected

  • Protect sensitive information and maintain compliance across your enterprise with native DLP
  • Control access with customized settings, policies and Slack Encryption Key Management
  • Work securely with people outside your company with Slack Connect, ensuring compliance even when collaborating externally
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Ensure secure collaboration1:26
Optimize your security operations

Monitor data across your systems

  • Bring alerts, data feeds and communication together in channels for increased situational awareness
  • Prioritize responses to threats and reduce alert fatigue with automated alerts and SIEM, SOAR, CASB integrations
  • Tie your security tools together in Slack to cut down on context switching and take action instantly
Video about how to optimize security operations in Slack
Optimize security operations1:21
Resolve Issues Faster

Manage incident response in one place

  • Connect the right people at the right time and react to threats with integrations from PagerDuty, Zoom and more
  • Get real-time information and context quickly to coordinate action across teams and minimize impact
  • Easily provide a historical record of incident responses for external audits or process improvement
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Over 2,600 integrations and counting

Slack connects with all your favorite tools, like Splunk, Okta, PagerDuty and more.

See all security integrations

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Frequently asked questions

Glad you asked! Slack is a new way for your entire company to communicate. It replaces email with something faster, better organized and more secure. Instead of one-off email chains, all your communication is organized into channels that are easy to create, join and search. When there’s a channel for everything going on at your company, everyone knows exactly where to go to get work done. For more reading on the topic, we recommend checking out the Slack Resources Library.

The key to Slack success is channels. By creating a channel for all your projects, your teams, your offices, your departments—everything you’re doing at work—you create a space for every conversation to happen. And because channels are easy to join and create, Slack can adapt to meet changing needs. If someone new joins a project, you can simply add them to the channel and they scroll up to read through old conversations. When it’s time to start something new, create a new channel and invite the right people.

To learn more, read up on how to collaborate effectively in channels.

Yes. You can securely discuss confidential information in Slack. Slack offers multiple ways to ensure that your information, conversations and files stay safe. Slack delivers enterprise-grade security at every layer, adhering to multiple compliance certifications, including SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001 and more. Slack is GDPR-compliant and can be configured for HIPAA and FINRA compliance. It is FedRAMP Moderate authorized.

In addition, Slack offers security features, like Enterprise Key Management, that allow admins fine-grained control over data encryption. You can also integrate your own security tools with Slack to get instant notification if a threat is detected. Learn more about Slack’s comprehensive security program here.

Yes! Unlike email, Slack is not susceptible to spam or phishing, which causes 90% of data breaches. Your Slack handle cannot be sold to advertisers or put on a mailing list. You will only ever receive Slack messages from other people inside your organization, or from trusted partners using Slack Connect. You may get notifications from apps integrated with your workspace, such as Asana, Google Docs or Jira.

Slack offers enterprise-grade data protection and privacy. Granular controls allow admins to customize security for each user, so no one sees things they shouldn’t. Learn more about how Slack can securely replace email inside your company.

Slack Connect is a more secure and productive way for organizations to communicate together. It lets you move all the conversations with your external partners, clients, vendors and others into Slack, replacing email and fostering collaboration. Slack’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards, like Enterprise Key Management, extend to Slack Connect. Learn more about Slack Connect here.

Yes! Slack has an easily configurable native data loss prevention solution that is available to Slack Enterprise Grid customers. With Slack DLP, admins can define policies that help prevent people from sharing sensitive information in messages and channels, including Slack Connect channels. Create and apply centralized rules, determine what happens when a violation occurs, and easily review and take action on violations. Slack is also compatible with third party DLP solutions.