A microphone and cassette display the quickly evolving media landscape.

Stay ahead of the media evolution

In a world where news travels faster than email, working in Slack keeps you ahead of the story—and the competition.

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Better, faster content

Whether you’re a team of 10 or 10,000, Slack keeps your organization nimble.

In a simulated screenshot, a world cup channel is used to coordinate photographs and craft a Twitter post.
Zoe Maxwell8:46 AMHey @Lisa Zhang, this game is really coming down to the wire. Send the shot of that winning goal asap once you get it!
Lisa Zhang8:47 AM
Winning Goal PhotoJPG from Google Drive
uploaded this file: Winning Goal Photo
Zoe Maxwell8:47 AMAmazing! We might be the first to tweet, will be awesome for engagement. I’m about to Zoom with folks at HQ so I’ll fill them in.
Message #world-cup-coverage
  • Workflows expedite delivery

    Slack powers your collaborative agility with efficient project management and approval processes.

  • Unite your toolkit

    Integrations with your content management systems and other frequently used apps means automating routine tasks, swiftly assigning work, and tapping into data to improve performance.

  • Work seamlessly with outside organizations

    With Slack Connect you can securely loop in the right people, whether internal or external, in one place.

“Sporting event highlights that used to take hours from creation to approval and distribution are now able to be shared in near-real time through our social channels, thanks to Slack.”


Transparency on your terms

Highly customizable transparency in Slack means the right people—internal or external—are always kept in the loop.

In a simulated screenshot, a new pilot channel is used to post new edits to the script.
Harry Boone3:41 PM@Lisa Zhang here’s my pass at the ending scene. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Pilot Episode Script V3Document from Google Drive
uploaded this file: Pilot Episode Script V3
Lisa Zhang3:45 PMI love what you did with Alicia’s character. I’m leaving my thoughts in the comments.
Sara Parras3:46 PMThanks so much @Harry Boone! This’ll be great to go over during our workshopping session tomorrow with our production folks.
Message #new-pilot-june
Collaborate openly or work confidentially in channels
What are channels?

Channels are where you can share files and messages with your teams. They can be created for every project, topic, department, or whatever makes sense for your company.

  • photography-freelancers

    Quickly assign projects to your freelancing pool

  • premiere-launch

    Collaborate directly with vendors, clients, affiliates, and other external partners in Slack Connect

  • new-pilot-june

    A private channel where you can collaborate freely to launch an upcoming, top secret show

Change Management

Manage organizational transformation

Clear communication in Slack maintains stability across your organization amid an industry of constant, rapid change.

Example of search in a Slack workspace
  • Everyone sees important announcements

    Communicating in channels helps build organizational trust and alignment.

  • Track and trace history from day one

    Slack’s powerful search functions keeps all history easily accessible. That means the more you use Slack, the more information is at your fingertips.


Automate common processes

With thousands of third-party integrations, you can monitor site performance on Pagerduty, share documents instantly on Google Drive, funnel tweets, and more, right inside Slack.

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You’re in good company

Teams of every size, shape and kind have already made Slack the place where their work happens.

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