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Keep employees engaged

From remarkable recruiting to collaborative company culture

Slack is a collaboration hub where the right people and the right information come together in organized, searchable channels. Whether you’re helping teams look for the perfect candidate or have a more fulfilling workday, Slack brings your company together.

A sample conversation discussing marketing website traffic in Slack
Sara Parker I’ll be posting two new jobs at 1pm: Engineering Manager and QA Associate.
Harry Boone Thanks, @Sara. I shared your message with #hiring-managers so they’re aware.
Mark Grenier I already see two candidates for Engineering Manager, Engineering in #referrals! Off to a good start.

Streamline your hiring pipeline

HR teams speed up their hiring process by facilitating candidate reviews and preparing for interviews in Slack. Integrating review tools and prepping interview panels moves candidates from on-your-radar to offer letter, faster.

Happy new hire holding a rainbow piñata

Welcome new hires aboard

With Slack, new hires get up to speed sooner — gaining a head start on the job they were hired to do. Orientation leaders can facilitate onboarding in a new hire channel and new employees can scroll through channels to catch up on projects or discussions.

A shared channel can have members from different Slack workspaces collaborate on the same project in the same channel.
Nancy Halladay It’s tickets time — we’ve hidden two tickets for tonight’s game somewhere in the office. Answer trivia questions for clues.
Cynthia Thomson Clue #1: which company founder loves their chihuahuas more than anything else?

Build culture through collaboration

Teams don’t just get work done in Slack — they form connections and build culture in channels. Tap into Slack’s team-building capabilities to keep employees engaged and increase transparency.

Hook into your HR resources

Slack integrates your tools into one place, allowing you to concentrate efforts and reach milestones faster.

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Track candidates in channel

Review candidates and offer requests in public or private channels. Pass candidates to manager review or send offers to future employees.

Example of Greenhouse integration in Slack
Greenhouse BOT New Candidate
Caroline Bennett has been submitted via Jobs page on your website for the Manager, Engineering position. Click here to view the candidate’s profile.
Greenhouse BOT Approval Request
Your approval is requested to make an offer to Matt Brewer.
Employment Type
Full Time
Arcadio Buendía
Greenhouse Hired Lever Breezy

Foster team culture between teams

Strengthen empathy and relationships with automatically arranged get-to-know-you meetings between members from across teams.

Example of Donut integration in Slack
Donut BOT Hi @Steve Young and @Lisa Zhang! Looks like you two don’t work closely together. Why don’t you pick a time to go get coffee?
Steve Young Nice to meet you, @Lisa Zhang! How about grabbing a coffee across the street Friday morning?
Lisa Zhang Sounds good, I’m free until 11am!
Donut Lucy Abbot

Track PTO and pay stubs

Reduce friction with on-demand PTO and pay information. Employees can request time off or review details without leaving Slack.

Example of ADP integration
Rodney Bell /adp time-off-request
ADP Virtual Assistant APP Here is a summary of your available time off balances as of July 16, 2018:
You have 84 hours of Paid Time Off available.
84 hours
0 hours
0 hours
84 hours
Create time off request
View existing requests
ADP Zenefits CakeHR

Keep information organized and accessible

Easily call upon or create new organizational knowledge. Content can be searched and shared without leaving Slack, giving everyone the answers they need faster.

Example of Guru integration in Slack
Angela Zamfir I just got a new bike… are there stipends for biking to work?
Jaime Cunningham There are!
/guru transit benefits
Guru APP Searching for transit benefits
Commuter Benefits
Post to this Channel
Benefits & Perks
Post to this Channel
Guru KnoBis Tettra PaperBot

Organizational support through organized channels

Channels can be named in any way that makes sense for your company. Structured channels help employees find resources and move processes forward. Here are some examples of helpful channels for HR teams:

#help-hr, #help-expenses
Places to field general or specific questions from employees.

#nyc-office, #help-sf-office
Open discussion between employees or workplace-specific assistance.

#announcements, #ask-executives
Dedicated spaces for HR and leaders to make announcements or field questions.

🔒intv-candidate-name, 🔒intv-job-title
Private channels can be used to share resumes and prepare teams for interviews.

#employee-development, #manager-development
Discuss, plan and facilitate development programs.

Industry-tested improvements

Make a measurable impact on your work and organization.

  • 3%

    Reduction in time to hire new employees

  • 24%

    Faster to reach full employee productivity

  • 10%

    Improvement in employee satisfaction

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