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Travel site’s people-first culture inspires employee survey automation in Slack

“As you grow, you get more processes and more people in the value chain. Things start to slow down naturally. Part of trying to keep that startup mentality is remaining fast with communication and delivery, and I think Slack's really, really helped.”

Lee JonesEmployer Branding & Social Media, Trivago

Slack usage results:

“Part of trying to keep that startup mentality is remaining fast with communication, and Slack's really helped.”

Key integrations used with Slack:

  • Leo (Officevibe Bot)
  • Envoy
  • Google Drive
  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Jira Cloud

As one of Germany’s fastest-growing companies, trivago is on a mission to reshape the way travelers search for and compare hotels, while also helping hotels grow their businesses. The search site thrives on an authentic, trust-based, entrepreneurial culture that they’re determined to maintain. Slack and their custom Officevibe Bot Leo help them keep a pulse on employee sentiment.

Leo helps trivago know where they’re succeeding and where they need to focus. The bot asks employees five survey questions every week. Everyone has a chance to anonymously share their thoughts on a variety of prompts, such as:

  • “I understand how my work contributes to the goals of my organization.“
  • “What could trivago do to increase alignment of values, mission, vision and ethics?”
  • “I am happy with how frequently I am recognized.”
  • “I am satisfied with the frequency of feedback coming from my direct manager.”
  • “My direct manager has a good level of transparency to the team.”

The Talent and Organization team reviews all the data and write-in responses, which inform All Hands Meetings topics. They also track data over time, gathering employee Net Promoter Scores and screenshots of comments for managers so they discuss concerns with their teams and boost employee engagement.

“At 1,400 employees, if we communicate a large change and you see a dip in the score, it gives you an idea of how the talents felt,“ explains Anitta Krishan, Organizational Foundation Lead. “You can actually see the change management curve happening throughout the results.”

With more than 50 nationalities represented at the company, diversity and inclusion is also a focus at trivago. They’re working on a bot for that too. “If someone wrote ‘hey guys,’ we want to make sure that there's a prompt that says ‘Do you mean hey all?’ We're thinking of innovative ways to make sure that our culture is reflected in all conversations,” explains Krishan.