TestFairy helps mobile developers test their apps better by providing them with videos, showing what exactly happened on the app before it crashed or before something went wrong.Our Slack integration can be used to get notifications on crashes, feedback submitted from testers, new versions that were uploaded to the service, or even download notifications for specific users.As a project manager, you would probably want to receive real-time notifications when a tester you invited has downloaded your app, or when a new version has been made available for download.As a developer, you may want to receive real time notifications when your app crashed, with an attachment of the recorded session. A record session is information including the video, cpu/memory metrics, application logs and plenty of other stuff.User feedbacks are relevant to anyone in the team. For every new feedback (tester shakes a device, provides textual feedback, or sketches a screenshot) you will be notified, with all relevant information, and most important, the video that shows what exactly happened before your user complained.
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