Kyber is going to make you and your team highly organized and help you get more done, together.With natural language processing and the new Slack buttons, Kyber lets you track in the easiest way projects, tasks and meetings directly on Slack, without having to switch to external, hard-to-adopt apps.With just one native Slack app, you get:• Project management :memo:
• Task delegation :arrow_right::bust_in_silhouette:
• Team Calendar :busts_in_silhouette:  :date:
• Personal productivity (to-do list, reminders, events) :white_check_mark:  :bell:  :date:  ...all within Slack!Stop sending messages that can be missed or forgotten: send a kyber that gets tracked and... :white_check_mark:  done!:point_right: To install Kyber on Slack, visit and click on Add to Slack. :point_left::movie_camera: To see a video of Kyber in action, check out For detailed information on how to use Kyber with your team, read our tutorial: management :memo:
Create and manage entire projects within any Slack channel.
Post a task to a channel, set a deadline and assign it to a teammate. You can also add more information to each task using a Slack post, snippet or any file (PDF, image, document, spreadsheet, etc).
When an item is completed, the channel is notified to share progress, reduce micromanagement and motivate your team.Task delegation :arrow_right::bust_in_silhouette:
Not each task is meant to be shared on a channel. Like you send direct messages, you can privately send requests to your teammates and automatically add them in recipient’s task list and your ‘sent' list for easy tracking.
You can also set reminders, get notified when tasks are completed or follow up with a button if not done yet.Team Calendar :busts_in_silhouette: :date:
Schedule your meetings with new interactive messages on Slack. Invitations can be accepted, declined or even updated by anyone.
Kyber Calendar is the first native calendar for Slack, which optionally syncs with any external calendar (Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, etc) to bring all your events on Slack.Personal productivity :white_check_mark: :bell: :date:
Kyber combines all your to-dos, reminders and calendars in a single place, your timelist. Not only your personal tasks, but also those received from teammates, and those imported from apps like Gmail, Outlook, Github, etc.
With its artificial intelligence, Kyber helps you create a short, actionable plan for the day to let you always know what to do next: you will be able to focus and really get more done.Integrations and automation :robot_face:
Kyber integrates with IFTTT, so you can add tasks from any other app (e.g. a starred email on Gmail or Outlook, an issue assigned on Github, etc.) or record your completed tasks on Evernote, Google spreadsheet, Microsoft OneNote. And it also lets you use Amazon Alexa to create new tasks!Kyber syncs with any calendar: Google Calendar, Apple iCloud Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange/Office 365 Calendar, Yahoo, etc. Kyber replaces Trello, Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Jira, Wunderlist, Todoist or any other todo list app, with an easy to use, fully featured, native app for Slack.Visit for more information and to contact us. We offer a free 45-minute consultation to discuss tips on how improve the productivity of your team.
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