Statsbot is your personal analytics assistant powered by AI, that gives you data insights right into Slack. It connects to a variety of platforms such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel, and many others to help your business with data-driven decisions.:question: Ask anything in any form    
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@statsbot How many new users do we have today? :alarm_clock:   Scheduled Reports
Do you check the key metrics every morning at 12 am?
Get your preset reports from different platforms on a regular basis.:bar_chart:  Dashboard
Anyone in the channel can save any report.
Keep the most critical reports within your team. :bell:  Smart Alerts
Get immediate notifications about spikes in certain metrics.:gear:   API integration
We use cutting edge messengers APIs, and now everyone can build
their own integration with Statsbot.If you want to change how your company works with data, go ahead and set up the integration in one click via Slack button.Free trial is available :wink:
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