With Micro-feedback by CareerLark, employees give and get real-time feedback without ever leaving Slack. The result is a seamless experience that facilitates more lightweight and frequent feedback, designed to be specific and actionable. Use Micro-feedback for frictionless upward manager feedback, 360 micro-reviews, manager-driven lightweight coaching, and more.Open communication and clear, continuous feedback are proven to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Help your team members become their best professional selves- start using Micro-feedback with your team and see immediate benefits!Please note:
- Micro-feedback is free for up to 10 team members at a company. If your company goes over this threshold, we'll be in touch for pricing.
- We support various customizations to ensure that Micro-feedback is successful for your organization. Please contact us as hello@careerlark.com to learn more.
- Micro-feedback's experience is 100% on Slack! We do not require an external account or any browser application.  #weloveslack

About CareerLark:
CareerLark builds Slack apps that help companies with performance management and employee engagement. CareerLark is also the creator of Icebreakers, a Slack app that helps with team-building by asking fun questions and sharing the answers in a public channel. Icebreakers is 100% free forever, check it out here: https://careerlark.slack.com/apps/A1VDEKJFQ-icebreakers
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