Busybot lets you quickly assign tasks to your team members, directly in SlackUse busybot to quickly assign tasks to your team members, or yourself. You'll automatically get reminders in Slack when tasks are due, or when somebody assigns you a task.With busybot, all of your tasks are automatically organized by channel, so important tasks and decisions never get lost in chat history. You can create a task directly in a Slack discussion. Busybot will automatically create a new task, assigning anybody you tag, and send out reminders on the due date. Because busybot is designed to work with your existing Slack team, it can not only track and organize tasks -  just like Trello, Asana, Todoist, Wunderlist or Basecamp - but you won't have an inbox full of email notifications, you don't need to do anything to configure your team members accounts, and you won't even need to remember another password! There's lots more to discover, so give it a try, and start assigning tasks today!Here's how you can start using busybot today:Mention my name in a channel and I'll keep track of a task:
@busybot Schedule the next team lunch
Or mention another person's name too, and I'll assign them a task:
@busybot Schedule the next team lunch @ClarkKent
Send me a direct message, and I'll add it to your task list:
Submit expense reports by January 12
Just say @busybot in a channel, and I'll list all of this channel's tasksFor more informationSign up for busybot (busybot is free to use for as long as you want, for teams of all sizes)See the busybot product tourBusybot websiteWhat people are saying about busybot
I LOVE Busybot! In our office, we have many different tasks and assignments and the little guy/gal helps us keep on track and meet our deadlines. Works great!
— Jenna West
We have been using Busybot for a couple of months now and it is greatly helping our team to quickly and easily assign and track tasks across multiple projects. It’s intuitive web interface is especially useful to efficiently execute multiple operations and for each team member to get a complete view of all tasks assigned to them across projects. Strongly recommended!
— Martin Verreault
I'm so well impressed by this app. Very simple to use with all the features needed to manage tasks between a team. A plus that i like is the full integration it has with Slack. So far, outstanding!
— Beppe Zizza
I am a big fan of Busybot. It has helped us save time and avoid wasted energy and duplication of efforts. We love how it seamlessly integrates with Slack so our team doesn't have to open another app and remember where to go to find out what they need to do for the day. Our productivity and communication has increased significantly around the things that should be getting done each day since we started using busybot.
— Kate Romano
BusyBot is awesome! It's the only task management app that allows for seamless integration with Slack preserving the Slack interface rather than having to jump out to another task management app. It's intuitive and easy on the eyes and provides for an almost zero startup time to get up to speed. The ability to create tasks directly from Slack channels creates a set-it-and-forget-it workflow so you can keep collaborating and add details to tasks later. I've explored all the other Slack bots and integrations and BusyBot is the only one that's actually a joy to use! Cheers!
— Mikel Cvetanovic
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