Zapier for Slack

Using workflows called Zaps, Zapier automatically moves info between your web apps. With the Zapier app for Slack, you can connect your workspace to hundreds of other apps and automate certain tasks. 

Example Zaps

  • Trigger new Slack messages for events that occur in other apps
  • Send the contents of a Slack message to another app when it’s starred (great for creating tasks in Trello, Asana or Todoist)

Install the app

First of all, make sure you’ve create a Zapier account (if you haven’t already got one). Once you’ve done so, use the steps below to connect the app to Slack:

  1. Visit the Zapier page in Slack’s App Directory. 
  2. Click Visit site or head straight to
  3. If you’re not logged in, click Log in in the top right corner. 
  4. Review and pick from popular Zaps for Slack by clicking Use this Zap or click Make a Zap to create you own. 
  5. Follow the prompts to create your own Zap or install an existing one. 
  6. Zapier will prompt you to connect your Slack account. Click Connect a new account, then select your Slack workspace.
  7. Click Authorise
  8. Click Save + Continue.
  9. Complete the setup of your Zap. 
  10. Once you’ve finished, click Create + Continue, then Finish.