Trello for Slack

Trello uses boards to organise information and tasks so you can manage any project and see exactly what's getting done. The Trello app for Slack makes it easy to manage cards on your boards, change due dates and attach conversations to cards   directly from Slack.


Install the Trello app

  1. Visit the Trello page in the Slack App Directory.
  2. Click Add to Slack.
  3. From the app page on the Trello website, select Add to Slack 
  4. Choose a Trello team to link to Slack.
  5. Click Install to finish.

Note: if someone has already installed the Trello app to your workspace, you'll see Open in Slack on the app page.


Link your Slack account to Trello

  1. From your desktop, select Trello from the Apps section of the left sidebar.
  2. Type /trello in the message field and press Enter or click Send.
  3. Click Link Trello account and select Allow to grant Trello access to Slack.


Set up Trello in Slack

To use Trello in Slack, you'll need to add the Trello bot.

Step 1: add the Trello bot to channels

  1. From the left sidebar, select a channel. 
  2. Type /invite @trello into the message field and hit Enter or click Send.


Step 2: link boards to channels

  1. Type /trello link and your board's name or URL into the message field, then hit Enter or click Send.
  2. Click Link to Channel.

Tip: type /trello help into the message field to see a full list of slash commands you can use with the app.