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The Slack Fund doubles down on investment with the launch of a $100M Fund III

Our investments will push the boundaries of what it means to lead the future of work

El equipo de Slack17 de marzo de 2022

The future of the workplace is no longer just an abstract idea, as organizations are radically rethinking how people can effectively and comfortably work and collaborate together. Whether in person, hybrid, or fully remote, it’s time for the digital HQ—a place that is connected, flexible, and where everyone can participate—to take hold.

Since 2015, the Slack Fund has been mentoring and partnering with some of the most promising and unique companies driving the next wave of the future of work. We’re excited to continue that momentum by announcing our $100 million third fund. This represents the largest fund since we launched the Slack Fund six years ago, ​​having continued to double in size by growing funds from $25M to $50M to now $100M.

This larger allocation will allow us to transition into both leading and co-leading investment rounds and to work even more hands-on with founders. We’re looking at new categories and novel approaches to challenges that people have faced in all aspects of getting work done—from collaboration to mental health and wellness, coaching, hardware and beyond. With nearly 100 investments so far across North America and Europe and portfolio companies that have raised around $5.5 billion in aggregate funds, we’re excited to further our reach and partner with some of the brilliant minds leading the next phase of work.

“We’ve always thought about how technology and software can amplify and enhance the way knowledge workers collaborate, engage and connect with each other. We are in the very early innings of watching how hybrid and remote work changes not only how software is built and utilized but how organizations are formed and structured, and we want the Slack Fund to be at the center of helping to enable these transitions. If there’s someone thinking about starting a company that will drive the next wave of the future of work, we want to be on their radar.”

Jason SpinellHead of Slack Fund

The Slack Fund’s unique approach to investing for our digital-first world

At the Slack Fund, our strategy goes beyond being a capital source for early-stage companies. We take a hands-on approach to investing in and partnering with founders at their seed and early rounds. That’s why we’ve been a key piece in the early success of several companies impacting the future of work.

Take, for example, Hightouch, which just closed its Series B and is revolutionizing how businesses can sync their customer data to make it more useful across teams. Or Loom, which the Slack Fund seeded, empowering more effective communication with asynchronous video messaging. We’ve also participated in early seed and subsequent rounds for WebRTC developer platform Daily, people management platform Lattice and event management platform Hopin. Through these investments and more, our portfolio companies have seen a range of successes, including growing their workforce, increasing their revenue, growing their customer base, and launching new products.

“Loom and the Slack Fund both believe that empowering people to express ideas in natural and productive ways will change the way we work. This was true years before the world went remote, and our shared belief is stronger than ever as we look to navigate hybrid. We’re proud to have the Slack Fund for Loom’s next phase of growth as a product, company, and growing community of 14 million members.”

Joe ThomasCo-founder and CEO, Loom

What’s ahead for the Slack Fund

The Slack Fund set out to invest in and collaborate with the best founders in the world creating the next great enterprise software companies driving the future of work. And now, as part of the Salesforce family and together with Salesforce Ventures, we’ll be able to have an even bigger impact.

With the Slack Fund’s continued focus on early-stage companies, in our shared portfolio with Salesforce Ventures we’re excited to be a partner and capital source for companies through their entire lifecycle, from inception to IPO. For example, we’ve participated in early seed and subsequent rounds for password manager 1Password and learning platform WorkRamp and have significantly increased our investments in both companies as part of the Salesforce Ventures team.

“We first partnered with the Slack Fund in our Series A round, and continued our partnership with the Slack group in our Series B and C. Jason and the team at the Slack Fund have helped us make new connections as well as working with us to further our mission to bring human-centric security to all.”

Jeff ShinerCEO, 1Password


“At Salesforce Ventures, we partner with disruptive enterprise technology companies that are not only the most innovative in their field but are reinventing the way the world works. Now with the Slack Fund as part of our investment family, we’re uniquely positioned to take our strategy a step further by providing the investment and partnership needed to support companies as they start out and grow so they’re better positioned to impact the future of work.”

Alex KayyalSVP and Managing Partner, Salesforce Ventures

With our expanded scope for the Slack Fund, we’re doubling down on supporting founders as they chart their course in workplace collaboration, people operations, developer tools and more, to help them scale and drive the future of work. There hasn’t been a more exciting time in the evolution of work.

You can read more about the Slack Fund and our vision here.

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