Post recurring meeting agendas with Fellow

What’s it handy for?

Empower your team to have more collaborative and engaging meetings by making it easier than ever to see agendas and contribute talking points – without needing to leave Slack.

A few uses for this workflow:

  • Managers: Posting the team meeting agenda in advance to give everyone time to collaborate on talking points
  • Project coordinators: Posting the meeting minutes from a project check-in to a related channel to keep everyone up to date
  • Leaders: Allowing the whole company to contribute questions to the agenda for an all-hands meeting.

By creating a workflow that runs before a team meeting on a recurring basis and posts the team meeting agenda to a selected channel, your team will be able to see what’s planned, and add their own items without leaving Slack.

To get started:

  1. Install the Fellow Slack app
  2. Download the example
  3. Navigate to Workflow Builder and select “Import”
  4. Once imported, edit the workflow to make sense for your team
  5. Publish and let everyone know about your masterpiece

See it in action:

  1. Install the Fellow Slack app.
  2. Creating and publishing the workflow takes only a few minutes. Import the downloadable template, and select the date, time, and channel where the message should post.
  3. Customize the Fellow step by selecting a meeting, and the channel that the notes should be posted in.
  4. Publish the workflow, and watch as your meetings become more collaborative as teammates add their topics to agendas!

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