Guru’s Slack bot ensures your team can capture knowledge that is created in organic Slack conversations and have access to expert-verified information directly in Slack. No more answering repetitive questions or searching through a sea of Slack conversations to find the right answer. Simply save your team knowledge in Guru and use it without ever leaving Slack. When you are outside of Slack, our browser extension ensures everything is 1 click away.  Guru can also be tied to apps like Salesforce, or Zendesk so the right knowledge gets contextually suggested to team members without having to search for it or shoulder tap an expert.Common Uses for Guru:
Sales & Customer Success Enablement - provide your team with accurate playbook information; including messaging & positioning, case studies, objection handling, competitive intel, product faq’s, etc directly in your rep’s workflow.
Support Knowledge Base - provide accurate product FAQ’s, Troubleshooting Guides, & How To’s right at your support agent’s fingertips.
Company Wiki or Knowledge Management SolutionWhat our Guru bot can do, all directly from Slack:
Search for & Post Guru knowledge to a channel using our slash command
Create re-usable Guru knowledge from your organic conversations happening directly in your channels
Answer questions asked in Guru to create re-usable knowledge for your entire team’s benefit
Verify content accuracy, now and ongoing
Comment on Guru knowledge to update other team members and groups
• Receive Notifications on all Guru requests in Slack instead of Email.
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