To-do bot

To-do bot is a to-do list and task manager inside of Slack.
No need to leave your conversation to manage your to-do list when chatting to your team. Tasks can be created when the conversation is happening so you will never forget another task. You can assign tasks to team members and set due dates all within the channel. No user registration needed - all within Slack!Once installed, the /todo command becomes available to your whole Slack team.Creating tasks with the /todo command is simple.
Type /todo @chris Prepare client proposal to add “prepare client proposal” to a team’s to-do list and assign to @chrisNot your average to-do list: :keyboard:   Tasks are easily grouped by channels to keep your work organized
:couple:   Assign tasks to team members and keep track of team work
:spiral_calendar_pad:   Never forget another task by setting due dates
:sunny:   Receive a daily morning reminder of tasks to complete
:memo:   Set priorities for tasks and edit task details
:white_check_mark:   Mark tasks as completed with the click of a button
:speech_balloon:   Keep track of all your assigned tasks across different channels
:raising_hand::skin-tone-4:   Maintain your own personal to-do list with /mytodo
And more!:video_camera: Watch Demo Video (2 min)Send feedback by sending a direct message to @todobot
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