Reacji Channeler

The Reacji Channeler allows your team to swiftly, seamlessly copy a message from one channel into another. Just use the /reacji-channeler slash command to choose an emoji, and designate a channel. Whenever anyone adds that emoji as a reaction (or, reacji, a term we’re stubbornly trying to make happen) to a message in any public channel, it will immediately get pushed into the channel you’ve designated. Here’s how it works:
• Set a rule using the command. Like this: /reacji-channeler :bulb: #ideas
• From now on, each time someone uses the :bulb: reacji, that message will get shared to an #ideas channel.
• React to some messages using :bulb: and watch the magic happen!
We built the Reacji Channeler for our own use here at Slack, and found it so helpful that we decided to make it available to others. Check out our blog post to read the full story.
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