Benefits of Slack on a paid plan

Hooray! ✨ Your workspace has been upgraded to a paid plan (or maybe someone on your team is considering purchasing Slack). We'd like to help you uncover all of the value and benefits of upgrading. Read on to learn more about the perks of our paid plans: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid.

Why use Slack on a paid plan?

  • Use shared channels and guest accounts to work directly with people outside of your immediate team.
  • Centralize your work inside of Slack by connecting your most important tools with apps and integrations.
  • Use Slack Calls (voice and video) plus screen sharing to connect with anyone in your workspace.


Work with other companies

Now that people inside your company are using Slack, wouldn't it be great if you could also communicate with people outside your company — think customers, clients, and vendors — right within Slack as well? On a paid plan, work with other companies seamlessly through shared channels and guest accounts. 

Share a channel

A shared channel is a bridge connecting your Slack workspace with another company’s workspace. It’s a secure place to communicate and collaborate with external contacts.


Does your company work with other companies that use Slack too? On paid plans, you are able to create shared channels to communicate with external teams.

  • Create a common area between two unique workspaces, so you can find everything you need in one place.
  • Simplify communication, streamline conversations, and gain efficiency.
  • Make information and context easier to find across workspaces.

📖  Slack customer story:

With shared channels in Slack, I can go between my internal teams and my external vendors instantaneously. Inviting them into one conversation really helped remove multiple steps that would otherwise have been there.

Fred Saunders
Head of Branding and Marketing,

Add a guest

Another way to work with external contacts is to invite them to your workspace, but give them limited access to only certain channels. Guest accounts are a great way to include interns or contractors in day-to-day project work and relevant conversations that they need access to. 

Go ahead! Invite guests to your workspace and keep all of your conversations and files (that would have been had over email or elsewhere) stored in one place. 

💡  Read more about Multi-Channel and Single-Channel Guests.


Add apps to your workspace

Slack is most useful when all your teammates, tools, and work are in one place: apps and integrations are the key to making this happen. 

Browse the Slack app directory

The App Directory lists every app that can be integrated with Slack. No matter what your area or specialty, there’s an app to help make your work more pleasant, productive, and maybe even a little more fun.


Connect tools and apps

Your workspace can support an unlimited number of apps and integrations, so members can connect the tools they use everyday to focus their work in Slack. 

You’ll find tools and services for file management, communication, project management, and more. Learn more about adding apps to your workspace.

💡  Take a look at our department-specific Slack Guides to see the kinds of apps different departments find useful.

📖  Slack customer story: Süddeutsche Zeitung

We've saved so much money with a simple Google Spreadsheets integration, because we're able to integrate so many tools we use in our newsroom every day. It's perfect.

Stefan Plöchinger
Digital Editor and Editorial Board Member, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Build custom tools

Whatever the task, there’s an app that can help you get it done in Slack. You can also design your own solution: build a bot or create a custom internal integration. Need ideas? Read Customize Slack with internal integrations.

Bots are great for automating tasks, while internal integrations allow you to connect Slack with the tools, data sources, and workflows that make your business run smoothly.

Connect with Slack Calls 

It's often difficult to get everyone in the same place, especially when flexible work from home policies are becoming the norm. On paid plans, you can leverage our voice and video call features – including screen sharing – for needed face-to-face time.

Hold meetings with Slack Calls

Talk and video conference without ever leaving Slack. Start a call in one-to-one DM, or get a group of teammates connected in a group DM or channel.

Share your screen

During any call, you can share your screen with a click of a button to present or allow others to draw on your screen. It’s the next best thing to working in the same room!

📖  Slack customer story: Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub

Getting feedback in real time means we can respond in minutes and not miss the opportunity for service recovery.

Nick Dawson
Executive Director of Innovation, Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub

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What's next? 

We hope this guide has been helpful! Try out these features if you're already on a paid plan or learn how to upgrade to a paid plan if you haven't already.

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