Product updates


Introducing a simpler, more organized Slack

We’re releasing a series of improvements that make working in Slack easier for everyone


Designing teamwork: How our customers helped shape the future of Slack

Lessons learned building a simpler, more organized experience for our users


3 new Workflow Builder tools to help you find your flow

Download form responses, schedule messages, and trigger workflows from external tools


Getting work done in channels just got easier

Introducing improvements to formatting text, sending channel invites and working with external partners in Slack


Meet Workflow Builder: the simple way to streamline tasks in Slack

Remove hurdles from everyday work with automated forms, messages and more


Break down walls with shared channels

A better way to work with people outside your company


Dark mode comes to desktop: Here’s how you can access it

Slack users can now enjoy dark mode across all desktop apps, Mac, Windows and Linux


In case you missed it: New tools for announcements, search, calls and more

The latest features for Slack, including people search and announcement channels, remove a little friction from your workday


Managing Slack at scale: Announcement channels and new APIs for admins

Helpful new tools to limit posting permissions, streamline workspace creation and further customize Slack for your organization—no matter the size