Add a message to a pull request

What’s it handy for?

Sometimes the best ideas for improvements come from conversations in Slack. Instead of copying/pasting important context into your code repository, your team can add any Slack message to a pull request, saving time because the important information you need is always available, no matter which tool you’re using.

Adding messages to pull requests is great for:

  • Giving developers more context for code changes
  • Bubbling up the best ideas and enhancements to the dev team
  • Saving time spent jumping between apps by doing it in Slack

Before you get started

Connect your code repository tools like GitHub or Bitbucket Cloud with Slack.

How to add a message to a pull request

  1. Use the message actions menu to add a message to a pull request.
    transform a slack message into a comment in bitbucket
  2. Decide which repository and pull request to add the message to, click confirm to complete.
    Add message as a comment on a pull request
  3. That’s it! Now the important context from your Slack message is also stored in the relevant place within your code repository.

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