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$12.50 per user, per month
when paid annually.

Upgrade your whole team to business class.

Get business grade features to support your growing team.

SSO and Provisioning

Integrate Slack with your existing SAML 2.0 identity provider to ensure secure access to your team. Built-in connections to many SSO providers and an option for using your own custom SAML solution.

99.99% Uptime

Sleep is important. And easy, once you know that Slack is available to your teams around the clock with an industry leading, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA).

24/7 Support

Have an issue? We hope you never do, but if you do, you'll have 24/7 coverage and guaranteed responses in four hours or less from our customer experience team.

Compliance Exports

In a regulated industry or have legal obligations to archive messages? Team Owners can request access to their entire Slack message history, including private channel messages and direct messages.

Keep a little, keep a lot

Customize your message retention and archival preferences to match your company's legal and regulatory requirements. Custom message retention settings give you flexible options that let you keep as much or as little of your message history as you want. You can even keep message edit and deletion logs.

Our commitment to security and your data.

We use Slack for nearly all of our communication. Ensuring that the Slack service remains secure is vital to protecting our own data. That means the security of your information is required for our success as a business.

Learn more about our commitment to security

Even before Slack, we've been putting services on the internet for a long time. We've coded, tested, and administered services running on thousands of physical servers in data centers around the world and bring the collective wisdom that comes with many decades of secure practice.


Common Questions

Which identity providers does Slack support?

Slack has official built-in connectors for Azure, Okta, OneLogin and Centrify. If your identity provider is not listed, you can choose to use our Custom SAML 2.0 option. Read more about setting up SSO for your team.

Can I upgrade my existing free or paid team to Slack Plus? How does the migration work when I enable SSO?

Yes, you can upgrade your team to the Plus plan. After you enable SSO for your team, everyone will receive a binding email which will merge the non-SSO accounts to SSO accounts.

Can I be invoiced yearly and pay by bank transfer or by check?

Yes! Please contact our accounts team to learn more about invoicing, eligibility, and the different payment methods we accept.

Can I view Slack's historic uptime?

Slack is a distributed platform and during any given incident it is rare for all Slack teams to be affected. You can view the current and historic status of and all its related services at

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