AI and automation for communications service providers

Learn how Slack helps communications services providers work smarter and faster


    The communications industry is racing to digitize and automate its operations to improve efficiency, innovation and overall performance. The explosion of generative artificial intelligence has led communications service providers to extend their data and AI strategies to include the power of these new capabilities. The result? A boost in productivity, an increase in automation and providing more autonomous services.

    Join this webinar to hear insights on how automation, data and AI fuel efficiency from research commissioned by Omdia, and learn how Slack, the AI-powered platform for work, helps communications service providers work smarter and faster.

    Oradores destacados:

    Kishore SannidhanamManaging Director, Scale & AI Innovation, Accelerated Industries, Salesforce
    Hayley ThompsonRegional Vice President - Communications and Media, Slack
    Rob GotsisLead Solutions Engineer, Slack

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