The Slack ANZ pioneers of change playbook

Discover how businesses in Australia and New Zealand like Canva and Pet Circle boost productivity with Slack

How innovative businesses across Australia and New Zealand are becoming more productive than ever with Slack

Work doesn’t need to be so chaotic. You shouldn’t have to constantly jump between emails, applications, and chat tools. The best way to thrive is to build efficiencies into everything you do.

Do away with the busy work and build productivity into everything you do, like these eight organisations did, and see how Slack has made them more resilient, connected and, of course, productive.

“We had to face the challenge of fragmentation that comes with acquiring, merging and growing your business. Slack has been a great unifier.” Alana Shepherd, Executive Manager – People Agility, REA Group 

“Slack has been a huge part of how Canva is building for scale.” Lachlan Andrews, Head of Corporate & Internal Communications at Canva

“Slack has facilitated a significant improvement in our client and user support experience.” Manqing Zhao, Head of Workplace Technology, Iress 

Download this customer playbook to discover the secrets of eight ANZ organisations that have embedded productivity into their core. Find out how these trailblazers have become more resilient and connected, setting new standards for what it means to be productive:

  • Streamline processes with automation and AI
  • Boost productivity by minimising unnecessary meetings
  • Connect and engage better with your teamSimplify tech with integrations

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