The Slack Southeast Asia pioneers of change playbook

Discover how ASEAN companies like Cebu Pacific Air, BukuWarung and Sephora boost productivity with Slack

How innovative businesses across Southeast Asia are becoming more productive than ever with Slack

Times may be uncertain, but the ASEAN productivity pioneers have proved they’re up to the challenge.

These six organisations defined the future of work by taking charge and embracing automation, productivity and connection. With Slack, they’re wowing customers and maximising their potential, all while working faster and smarter.

“We’re saving around 114,000 annual hours in productivity.” Angelo Maria Berbano, IT Director, Cebu Pacific.

“Slack has replaced daily standups, saving between 30 and 45 minutes every day.” San Wai Oo, Chief Technology Officer, ShopBack 

“It’s Slack integrations paired with the ease of communication that set it apart” Bregadeesh Samapathy, Chief Information Officer, Sephora SEA

Download this playbook to learn how your organisation can:

  • Optimise processes with automation and AI
  • Boost productivity by eliminating unnecessary meetings
  • Connect and engage better with your team
  • Streamline tech with integrations

Want to save 30 to 45 minutes per employee daily or speed up customer resolution times by 3 to 4x? See how leading organisations including Cebu Pacific Air, Sephora and BukuWarung have done it, and how you can too.

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