The Slack India customer pioneers of change playbook

Discover how businesses in India like Springworks, Swiggy and Razorpay boost productivity with Slack

How innovative businesses across India are leading the way with automation, productivity and connection

With one of the most dynamic and vibrant business scenes in the world, Indian businesses are setting the tone for the future of work. 

Tapping the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit, a new breed of Indian businesses has emerged.

Amid India’s dynamic business landscape, a new wave of entrepreneurial pioneers is forging ahead. The six businesses you’ll meet in this report are leaving behind the old way of doing things for a more productive way to work. With Slack, they’re delivering innovative products and amazing customer experiences that stand out on the global stage. 

“Email becomes redundant once you start using Slack.” Reema Khendry, Senior Manager of Strategic Projects, Zomato 

“Slack enables the flow of work, all in one place. This means fewer barriers, and fewer barriers mean better adoption.” Ramasubramanian Kumaresan, AVP of HR, Swiggy 

“With Slack, what used to take a couple of days is now resolved in a matter of hours.” Shikhar Saxena, Group Product Manager, Meesho 

Download this customer playbook to discover the secrets of these organisations that have embedded productivity into their core. Find out how these six visionary businesses are transforming traditional workflows into platforms of innovation and productivity with Slack:

  • Streamline work with automation and AI
  • Boost productivity by eliminating unnecessary meetings
  • Connect and engage better with your team
  • Simplify your tech stack with integrations

Want to cut out 60% of weekly meetings or speed up client turnaround times by a full day? See how leading organisations including Springworks, Swiggy and Razorpay have done it, and how you can too. 


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