Connecting corporate to the front lines with a retail digital HQ

See how a single digital workspace with Slack can help retailers get ahead in a constantly changing economy.

From shifting consumer trends to a difficult labor market to delayed supply chains, economic conditions are constantly changing. Simply put, the only thing that is constant today is change. To keep up, retailers need to update their technology. They must have a real-time overview of inventory and a simplified operational process to bring down costs, all while providing a personalized shopping experience consumers expect. A digital HQ can help retailers meet the technological requirements needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing market. In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Six areas retailers must focus on in order to optimize omnichannel shopping, bring down costs and build resiliency
  • How a digital HQ connects corporate to the frontlines in four vital ways
  • The importance of connectivity and flexibility for frontline employees in encouraging job satisfaction