Transforming the tech industry contact center ​

Empower agents to resolve issues faster and more efficiently with Slack, Salesforce Service Cloud and IBM Consulting

Service cases are more complex than ever, and the tech support journey is full of friction, with agents often having to resolve issues on their own. Thankfully, there’s a better way. Intelligent case swarming is a collaborative approach to customer support where skilled team members share background knowledge, expertise and resources with agents to expedite case resolution without escalation.

But this model requires a centralized digital platform supported by the right technology that helps lower resolution time, boost CSAT, minimize escalations, automate workflows to save time, and increase employee retention. Intelligent case swarming from IBM, Slack and Salesforce enables tech support agents and other experts across IT to collaborate and resolve cases faster in real time, whether external or internal, offshore or onshore.

Having Slack as part of Salesforce Customer 360 fundamentally reshapes how agents, supervisors and customers can connect with each other and the apps they use on a single platform. Contact centers now have a powerful collaboration platform to unite teams around a single view of each customer, avoid escalations, and simplify complex transfer processes with automated workflows.

In this e-book, discover the benefits of working with Slack, Salesforce and IBM Consulting to digitally transform your contact center through intelligent case swarming.