Run your business better with Sales Cloud and Slack

Sales reps spend 72% of their time on non-selling tasks–so we came up with a new playbook through Slack and Salesforce

    As a sales leader, it can be hard to always know what’s happening in your business and quickly act upon it, especially while on the go. That’s why we’ve integrated Sales Cloud with Slack, to empower leaders and their teams with real-time deal visibility and actionable CRM insights in the flow of work, accessible from any device.

    Join this webinar to hear Kaylin Voss, Chief Revenue Officer at Slack, and Tony Kays, SVP of Sales at Salesforce share best practices on how they manage their book of business, streamline day-to-day actions with trusted AI and automation, and drive success across their teams with Sales Cloud and Slack. You’ll see a live demo of our latest innovation, Slack Sales Elevate.

    Featured speakers:

    Kaylin VossChief Revenue Officer, Slack
    Tony KaysSVP of Sales, Salesforce

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