Triage notifications in the Activity tab

Use the   Activity tab on desktop or mobile to quickly review all of your notifications. Think of it as a place to focus your attention or to get caught up after some time away from Slack.

Image of the Slack desktop app, with a cursor pointed at the Activity icon.

Work from the Activity tab

Click or tap the   Activity icon on desktop or mobile to open a chronological feed of your notifications. Select a filter to switch between the different types of notifications, like mentions, replies to threads or reactions to your messages.

  • A dot or numbered badge on a message in the feed indicates unread activity.
  • Use the Unread messages button to see only new activity and use the tabs to filter between different types of notifications.
  • Select a message to reply to it or click the   three dots icon on desktop for additional options, like opening the message in   Home to read it in channel, setting a reminder or summarising the thread with Slack AI

Note: If you’ve configured your notifications for all new messages in a channel, only those that mention you will show in Activity

Filter activity

Each notification type that appears in the Activity tab has its own filter. Using the filter tabs along the top of the notification feed, you can adjust the feed to see specific notifications or switch to All to see all your latest notifications.

All View all your notifications in chronological order.
Mentions Messages that you’ve been mentioned in will be listed with the name of the conversation, the name of the person who mentioned you and a preview of the message.
Threads A list of replies to threads that you’re following or threads that you’ve been mentioned in. 
Reactions When someone reacts to any of your messages, the message and all its reactions will show up in the Activity tab.
apps View messages from apps, such as Google Calendar invitations or updates from JIRA.
Invitations View invitations to collaborate in Slack. This includes Slack Connect invitations, channels that you’re added to and canvases that have been shared with you.

Tip: On desktop, keep the Activity tab open at all times by opening it in a separate window.

Activity badge notifications

By default, the   Activity icon and Slack app icon (if enabled) will show a numbered badge for every unread notification. Reactions to your messages will never display a badge and if you’d like, you can exclude replies to threads you’re following from applying to the numbered badge count.

Exclude thread replies from Activity badges

  1. From your desktop, click your profile picture in the sidebar.
    Static image of a cursor clicking on the profile picture menu in the Slack app
  2. Select Preferences from the menu to open your notification preferences.
  3. Under Sound & appearance, tick or untick the box next to Include thread replies in badge count on Activity.

If you’ve configured your preferences to exclude thread replies from the badge count, notifications will display as follows:

  • A dot badge
    Indicates the only unread notifications in Activity are replies to threads.
  • A numbered badge
    Indicates you have unread mentions, invitations and app notifications.

Note: On mobile, the badge on the   Activity icon will always be a dot and a numbered badge will appear on the workspace icon with unread activity in the workspace switcher.

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