Build a workflow: Add or remove workflow managers

To allow other people to edit a workflow you've created, you can add them as a workflow manager. Workflow managers have the same permissions as the workflow creator and can take the following actions:

  • Change a workflow’s name, description and custom icon
  • Edit or remove workflow steps
  • Adjust workflow permissions
  • View workflow activity
  • Unpublish or delete a workflow
  • Add or remove other workflow managers
  • Export a workflow

Note: Owners and admins can add themselves as workflow managers to any published workflow from the workflow dashboard. If you add yourself to a workflow in a private channel you don’t belong to, you won't be able to see the name of the channel. 

Add or remove workflow managers

  1. Hover over   More, then select   Automations.
    An image of a cursor over the More icon in the Slack desktop app.
  2. Click on   Managed by you, then select a workflow from the list. 
  3. Click on Edit, then click on the   three dots icon and select Settings.
  4. Next to Permissions, click Edit.
  5. Below Workflow managers, search for people who you'd like to add. To remove someone, click the next to their name. Slackbot will notify people when they’ve been added or removed.
  6. Click on Save
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