An introduction to Slack Enterprise Key Management

Learn how to increase visibility and control over your data in Slack using your own encryption keys

At Slack, we are committed to ensuring that your data is always protected. Slack encrypts data at rest and data in transit by default as part of our foundational security controls.

Slack EKM adds an extra layer of protection and is available as an add-on for our most security-conscious Enterprise Grid customers. Whether you’re at a large organisation or working in a highly regulated industry, Slack EKM helps you to meet your security objectives without affecting any of the Slack features that your teams require.

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Bring your own keys 

With Slack EKM, messages and files are encrypted using your own keys (stored in Amazon’s Key Management Service). Having the power to use your own keys means that you have complete control over your data in Slack. On top of that, administrators can revoke key access in a targeted and precise manner so that teams experience minimal disruption in service. Slack keeps working as usual, and so do your teams.

Keep work flowing, securely

With other offerings, revoking key access often hinders employees from getting the most out of their tools. Slack EKM is uniquely designed to minimise disruptions across your organisation, giving you the security control that you need without sacrificing user experience.

Technology like EKM is rapidly becoming a core requirement for enterprises of all sizes that need enhanced security of their collaboration environment. It becomes more important for enterprises to retain control of their encryption keys.

Wayne KurtzmanIDC Research Director for Social, Communities and Collaboration

What this means for admins and teams

Visibility at every step

Administrators get detailed visibility of how your keys are being accessed to encrypt and decrypt messages and files in Slack. This information is logged in to AWS KMS’s CloudWatch and CloudTrail solutions.

Granularly revoke key access 

To address security threats, administrators can revoke access in a very targeted manner. Access to messages and files can be revoked at the organisational, workspace, channel, time-frame and file levels.

Keep collaborating in Slack

The Slack experience – from features to performance – remains the same. Teams can keep collaborating, using all the Slack features that they regularly use, even when some of the data has restricted access.

Slack EKM is offered as an add-on to Enterprise Grid.

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