Streamline underwriting for greater agility in insurance

Transform your insurance underwriting with Slack, Financial Services Cloud and PwC to increase broker retention and boost underwriter productivity

While technology has created exciting new opportunities for insurance companies, it has also led to complexity and operational inefficiencies. To excel in today’s work-from-anywhere world that demands companies do more with less, insurance companies need ways to reduce silos, accelerate claims cycles and sharpen their focus with brokers. This requires a digital-first way to work together, where carriers can be flexible, united and connected.

When insurance companies have Slack as part of Salesforce Customer 360, they have a powerful collaboration platform to power more efficient underwriting while providing brokers and employees a better experience. The Slack integration with Customer 360 fundamentally reshapes how work gets done by connecting employees, customers, and partners, and the apps they use on a single platform. Every insurance company, small and large, can benefit from a digital platform that helps boost productivity, improve connection and collaboration, and automate work in a digital-first world.

In this e-book, discover the benefits of working with Slack, Financial Service Cloud and PwC to enable underwriters to deepen relationships with brokers and clients.