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Getting organized: The best task management software

Level up your team’s task management system to boost efficiency and enhance collaboration.

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A to-do list can get you only so far. More often, we find ourselves spending too much time prioritizing countless tasks to ensure that a project goes smoothly. Task management systems can make complex projects easier to handle.

If you’re looking to add task management software to your team’s toolkit, we’re here to help. We’ve sifted through this saturated market to identify the best task management programs to streamline and automate your workflows in 2024.

What is a task management app?

Task management refers to the process of overseeing a task from beginning to end, including planning, implementation, quality assurance, and tracking and reporting status updates. If you’re managing various tasks among different work projects, a task management tool can make it easier to prioritize action items and stay organized, on schedule and on budget.

What to look for in a task management program

The best task management software should be easily accessible to stakeholders and provide a user-friendly, visual representation of your in-progress tasks and where each one stands in its lifecycle. Many platforms use graphs, charts, lists and other graphics to clearly display information in a way that’s easy to understand. Look for a task management app that:

  • Creates a digital “paper trail”
  • Gives everyone on the team input
  • Clearly displays the status of each task
  • Tracks due dates
  • Automates repetitive tasks

Who uses task management software?

Just about any team can benefit from good task management technology. If you’re working with multiple people on multiple projects or initiatives, you can probably use help planning, prioritizing, tracking and organizing your team’s ideas, responsibilities and to-do items. The best task management tools integrate seamlessly into your existing work process and can even automate certain workflows, letting your team focus on the most important tasks.

Benefits of task management software

Task management software helps you handle projects more efficiently, with a reduced risk of human error. The advantages of using a task management app include:

  • More visibility and trust between teams and management
  • Less mental clutter
  • Uniform, streamlined processes
  • Time savings
  • Lower likelihood of redundant efforts and having to repeat tasks
  • Flexibility for team members to access projects and tasks at their convenience

How to choose the right task management software

The best task management app should help your team navigate its biggest roadblocks. Here’s how to pick the best platform for you.

1. Identify your team’s specific requirements

Your team is unique, and your chosen time management system should adapt to your needs and processes. What sorts of projects does your team handle, and how many do you typically tackle at a time? How big is your team? Will you need mobile access, or scalability if your team is growing? What about remote work support?

2. Evaluate the user interface and ease of use

The best task and project management software should be quick to learn and easy to understand. Think about how your team members will actually use the software in their day-to-day work.

For example, if your team will need to use its task management app while they’re in the field or otherwise away from their desks, you should prioritize platforms with strong mobile apps. And if your team is not particularly tech-savvy, you’ll want software with a simple, intuitive interface.

3. Consider integrations with your existing tech stack

Task management doesn’t happen in a vacuum; you probably already have a set of tools you know and like. Look for a task management app that seamlessly integrates with those tools so your team can move quickly and easily between managing projects and completing them.

4. Look for automation capabilities

The best task management systems can help you cut down on actual labor hours by automating repetitive tasks that don’t require much human input.

Slack’s Workflow Builder, for example, simplifies processes by automating repetitive workflows, such as sending follow-up surveys after certain meetings or delivering paperwork to new hires on their first day. This frees up users to focus on larger tasks, which can boost engagement and productivity. It also cuts down on manual errors and context switching.

The best task management software

Our picks for the best task management trackers are user-friendly and compatible with other popular tech tools. These apps offer customization options and automation features. Plus, they integrate with Slack.


Asana ranks among the most popular task management software solutions, offering a clean layout that makes it easy to delegate responsibilities and track projects, subtasks and status. The project management platform also features AI-powered tools for goal-setting and reporting.


Project management software Wrike makes our list thanks to its highly customizable workflows and data visualizations. Users can assign and check work in Wrike, streamlining processes and boosting team collaboration.


Flow is a simple task management app that packs a powerful punch. You can zoom out for a high-level overview of each project and then zoom back in to track each individual task. Easily view your own tasks and those delegated to other team members.


Work management platform Trello makes collaboration and organization easy with customizable boards, cards and lists that break down even the most complex projects into sensible, digestible steps.

Jira Cloud

Jira Cloud, an agile task management tool, is designed for big, complex projects across various industries. The software walks you step-by-step through designing and customizing each project. AI-powered support features make Jira even easier to use.


Are you more of a visual collaborator? Miro is one of the best for visually oriented people and projects. From mind mapping to real-time data visualization and digital sticky notes, it offers a full-scale collaboration platform for agile teams. Plus, Miro is free.


The highly customizable Workast lets users plan, implement and complete projects all in its work management platform. It integrates with a wide variety of applications and makes everything you need for each project, from forms to meeting notes, readily available with just a couple of clicks.


Notion, another free task management platform, stands out for its easy drag-and-drop format. Even those unfamiliar with other project management platforms can easily get the hang of Notion’s intuitive interface. The software makes it simple to break down your project into bite-size steps that make sense for your team’s work style.


Cloud-based Figma, along with its whiteboard companion, FigJam, takes remote collaboration on design projects to the next level. This task management app focuses on interface design, making it easy for distributed teams to brainstorm, prototype, diagram and even keep digital sticky notes as they work through each project’s lifecycle. is a flexible operating service that lets users create their own project management apps, no coding required. Use it to easily tweak and scale your workflows as needed, and automate simple workflows to save time and reduce errors.

Integrate your favorite task management software with Slack

Slack makes your favorite task management tools work even better for you. Integrating your task management software with Slack can give you important reminders, real-time status updates and automated workflows right in the AI-powered collaboration platform you know and love. To get the most out of your task management system, contact Slack’s sales team or sign up today.

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