Product updates


What’s new in Slack: simplified search, channel bookmarks and more

New features to help teams work better – with whomever and whenever


Innovation for a new moment

Building new tools for a new way of working


What’s new in Slack: mobile video calls, DMs with external partners and more

Handy new features to help your teams work better – with anyone and from anywhere


Transform your company and bring people closer together with new capabilities from Slack

Introducing new product innovations to help teams to collaborate, connect to their partners and systems and get work done.


Managing Slack at scale: deepen impact with new admin tools

Introducing new ways to keep your organisation connected and productive


Introducing a simpler, more organised Slack

We’re releasing a series of improvements that make working in Slack easier for everyone


Getting work done in channels just got easier

Introducing improvements to formatting text, sending channel invitations and working with external partners in Slack


Introducing a speedier, more efficient Slack desktop experience

Voilà! The newest version of Slack is a whole lot faster – each second saved adds up to more time to get your work done