Discover ways to use canvases

Create your own to-do list

Plan out what you need to accomplish and prioritise important tasks in your own private canvas.
Open canvas with checklists to prioritise tasks for the next two weeks, as well as a link to a relevant resource

Take notes and align on tasks with a colleague

Organise priorities and collaborate on action items in the canvas in a direct message conversation.
open canvas between two colleagues containing a checklist, list of relevant channels and important links

Organise the information that your team needs regularly

Add frequently referenced resources to the canvas in a channel so that teammates can find them without having to search or scroll through the conversation.
open canvas in a team channel containing key information including vision, list of teammates, upcoming schedule and important resources

Plan your projects using a canvas

Create a project outline in a canvas and share it with people and in channels.
an example of a canvas being used for a project brief to list goals, add checklists and reference related conversations

Arrange a canvas by adding columns

Create up to three columns for text, lists and images, then easily drag each column to rearrange it to your liking.
Moving a checklist in a canvas around by dragging a column to the right

Add workflows to a canvas

Embed workflows into a canvas so that colleagues can easily find and use them to submit information, create requests and more.
A canvas for a workshop that includes a workflow so that colleagues can easily submit questions, suggestions or comments

Insert profile cards to a canvas

Create an easy-to-browse list of members on a team so that others know who’s involved in a specific project or meeting.
Inserting a profile card to a canvas by typing their name and right-clicking it to then select Display as card