Canvases: Arrange a canvas using columns

 What you'll learn in 2 minutes or less: How to change the way information in a canvas is displayed and organized.

Create up to three columns for text, lists, and images, then easily drag them around to your liking.

Go for it!

  1. Create a new canvas or open an existing one in a new window.
  2. Add something to the canvas, like text, a list, or a file.
  3. Hover over what you’ve added and click the six dots icon.
  4. Hover over Add column and make a selection.
  5. To rearrange content in columns, click and hold the six dots icon then drag the content to a new location in the canvas.

    Here's an example: moving a checklist in a canvas around by dragging a column to the right

Tip: Drag and drop files, such as PDFs, to a canvas and arrange them into columns.