Microsoft products for Slack

Slack works with many of the Microsoft tools and services that you already use every day. Learn how to connect them to Slack so that you have everything in one place.

Outlook email add-in

By sending emails to a Slack workspace with the Microsoft Outlook email add-in, you can bring important context out of siloed inboxes, facilitate collaboration between teammates and make relevant information visible to all stakeholders.

For more details, visit our Microsoft Outlook add-in for Slack guide.

Outlook Calendar app

With the Outlook Calendar app for Slack, you can stay on top of your 365 Outlook Calendar directly from your workspace. Automatically update your Slack status, join video calls, respond to event notifications, see when event details change and more.

Learn more about Outlook Calendar for Slack.

OneDrive and SharePoint

Manage and host your files in the cloud with OneDrive or SharePoint, then share your files in Slack to add context to your discussions in channels. Your files will still be stored in the cloud, but you can easily search and preview them in Slack.

Install the OneDrive and SharePoint app from the Slack App Directory.


Azure in Slack

Azure Active Directory

Use Azure Active Directory to manage the access and identity of your members in Slack. Connect the Azure Active Directory app for Slack to provision and manage members' accounts within the Azure portal.

Read SAML single sign-on for details. 

Azure Boards

Keep track of work activity in your Azure Boards projects without leaving Slack. By linking a channel to a project, you can receive notifications when you're assigned work and create new work items directly from Slack.

Learn more about Azure Boards in the Slack App Directory.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines allows you to build code and easily share your projects with others. With the Azure Pipelines app for Slack, you can create and manage subscriptions for completed builds, releases and pending approvals, and get notifications for these updates in channels. 

Install the Azure Pipelines app to get started. 

Azure Repos

Monitor your Azure Repos repository activity in a Slack channel and get notifications whenever code is checked in or pushed. You'll also see previews of pull requests that can help to keep your conversations about code on the right track. 

Get the app to set up Azure Repos in Slack.


Microsoft Flow Slack templates

Microsoft Flow helps you to build workflows that automate time-consuming tasks, apps and services. Use templates to connect Slack with Microsoft products: Office 365 email, SharePoint and more.

Explore the Slack templates to get started.

Microsoft Teams Calls

Install the Microsoft Teams Calls app to Slack to start Teams Calls right from your workspace. You can also choose to set Microsoft Teams Calls as a default calling app so that members can initiate Teams calls from the phone icon in a channel or direct message (DM).