Get the most out of your existing tech stack

Integrate your tools with Slack.

How do you know your tech stack is actually being used?

If you’re an IT leader, you’ve probably spent some uncomfortable hours wondering if the tools you’ve invested in are the right ones for your teams. It’s a stressful situation to find yourself in, but it could be worse.

What if you’ve invested in the right tools but your employees just aren’t using them?
Here’s what it boils down to. Whatever goal you’re trying to achieve with the help of technology (greater productivity or faster time-to-market, for instance), you’ll only succeed if your teams can get the most out of the tools you give them as they collaborate to achieve these business goals.

Today, collaboration combines many elements. It’s about bringing your employees together so they can communicate and share files easily. It’s about creating a central knowledge repository so teams can quickly find what they need, instead of trawling through email inboxes.

And it’s about another really key thing: the collaboration hub as an integration layer where all your employees’ most important work tools and software come together in one place, where work gets done.

That’s what this guide is all about: the power of a new layer in the technology stack that brings together people, data and applications.

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