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Lesson overview

Sarah recently joined A1 Marketing, a company that uses Slack. In this lesson, you’ll learn how working in channels helps Sarah search and keep track of information.

Sarah’s experience before Slack

At her previous company, Sarah found that key pieces of information were being shared in many different places. Emails had attachments and links to files, multiple cloud services were used across the company and file storage services were easy to mix up. The numerous ways to share information made it difficult to keep track of everything and move work along.

How A1 use Slack

  • Files and conversations exist side by side in channels, and over time, Slack becomes the company’s repository of information.
  • Since A1 does all of its work in channels, Sarah knows that she can search Slack to find information that she’s looking for.
  • Sarah can save key messages and files so that they are quick and easy to access.

Searching in Slack


Sarah needs to find an important document to review before a meeting. Messages, files, people and conversations are searchable because everyone at A1 works in channels. Sarah simply starts typing ‘strategic plan’ in the search field, and Slack does the rest.

Saving files and messages

Save a message
Saving a file or message allows Sarah to create a list of important messages and files so that she can access them quickly from the sidebar. Sarah knows that she’ll be referring to the strategic plan file often, so she saves it to come back to easily.

Using reminders to track action items

Add a reminder

Paul has asked the team to take a look at a document before an upcoming meeting. Sarah needs to come back to this task because she doesn’t have the time to get to it right now. She uses a reminder to set a time to have Slack bring her back to the message.

Your next steps

💡 Search for a file or message in Slack, and save it.

💡 Set a reminder on a message that you’d like to come back to.

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