Find information that you need

With key information spread across various emails and files, it can be hard to keep track of everything that you need to get work done.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Slack to:

  • Search for information
  • Access messages and files


Search for information

Finding the right information is key to working smarter and faster, and being more productive.

Start a search

Narrow results

Get answers

Find messages, files, channels and people, all in one search. Start by clicking the   search field at the top of Slack. clicking the search field in Slack and typing a search term
To narrow the scope of your results, you can add modifiers and filters to your search. adding search modifiers to the search field and using filters to narrow search results

The table below lists a few examples of modifiers that you can try.

How to narrow your search Example
Add quotation marks to search for a specific phrase "marketing report" will find results containing the entire phrase
Add in: and a channel name, colleague(s) name or section name to search within specific conversations marketing report in:#team-marketing will find results in the #team-marketing channel
Add from: in front of a display name to search for information shared by someone specific marketing report from:@Sara will find results from Sara
With Slack AI, you can ask questions in the search field and get answers based on relevant knowledge already in Slack. Learn more about Slack AI.


Access messages and files

Slack is designed to help you navigate message and files so you can quickly find the information that you need.

Jump to past messages

Save for later

Quickly jump to past messages when you need to find files shared from yesterday's meeting, or decisions made from last year's project. clicking the date pill in a channel to jump to the very beginning of the conversation
Save messages and files that you often reference so they’re easy to access later. Let’s say that a teammate shares a report that you’ll need to revisit often as part of an upcoming project. Instead of repeatedly searching for the file, you can save it and access it quickly from  Later. Clicking the Save for later button from a message to add it to Later

Try it: Hover over a message that you’d like to save for later and click the  Save icon.