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Bring your files and the conversations surrounding them together in Slack. Just like show and tell, only at work.

Deliver documents on desktop or devices

Files, documents, photos and videos – including those from other cloud storage services – can all be shared from anywhere with mobile and desktop apps.

Google DriveWeTransferDropboxObie

Collaborate on large files

Sometimes big files have pieces and parts that span different software applications or departments. Discuss the bigger picture and finesse the final product together with in-line file and document sharing.

A sample Troops app integration usage
Madhu Sharma15:24The infographic on page 15 is almost complete. Waiting on the final numbers…
Geeta Joshi15:24I’ve got the numbers! They’re on the third sheet:
Sales Results.xls298kb Excel spreadsheet
uploaded this file: Sales Results.xls

File sharing, meet channels

In Slack, files and conversations flow in organised searchable spaces called channels. Channels make it easier to share files and the context around them with the right people – and to find those files later on.

Integrated file sharing

From drag-and-drop to quickly adding documents from services such as Google Drive, sharing files is as much a part of Slack as typing and sending messages.

How to add files to Slack

Different devices, same documents

As you go about your day and switch from one device to another, Slack automatically and instantly syncs the messages, files and documents in all your channels and messages. Share files or find them in search no matter where you are.

Your files: safe, secure and searchable

We take security seriously at Slack, and this includes the safety of your files. Additionally, when you share files in private channels or messages, only the included people can see those files or find them in search.

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