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With ChatGPT for Slack, industry innovator OpenAI redefines how we work

‘You can think of ChatGPT for Slack as a second brain that’s going to be there in Slack with you, and you can rely on it instantly to help you go through your work and be more productive.’

Solutions Engineer, OpenAI

Revolutionising how the world perceives and uses artificial intelligence, OpenAI is receiving the Slack Impact Award for using Slack to accelerate the growth of its operations and stay on the cutting edge of a uniquely competitive industry.

OpenAI is the customer-obsessed research and deployment company behind the wildly popular ChatGPT, a versatile AI chatbot that can compose content and answer questions in a conversational manner. Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT’s powerful generative technology has since dominated the conversation – and OpenAI relies on Slack to find efficiencies and enable collaboration.

Slack, the company’s productivity platform of choice, empowers OpenAI’s team to prioritise and communicate securely with customers, move projects forwards and further its mission to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. With just 400 employees, the company has over 170 Slack Connect channels and has sent over five million messages since becoming a Slack customer in 2018.

As OpenAI continues on its path of hypergrowth, it’s paramount that it maintains a strong and connected employee culture. ‘Slack really helps with being able to feel connected to anyone in the organisation,’ says an OpenAI Principal Research Engineer. The team uses reaction emoji to collect feedback on their models, and turns to Slack huddles to quickly collaborate and further eliminate the need for meetings.

Part of what makes OpenAI’s lean team feel confident using Slack for all internal conversations is Slack’s security features. The team leverages Slack’s Enterprise Grid for the message retention and admin-control capabilities, as well as Slack’s most robust security features such as data encryption, SAML-based single sign-on and granular app management.

Opening up new possibilities in the world of workplace automation, the newly launched ChatGPT for Slack app harnesses the power of ChatGPT and embeds it directly into Slack channels. With ChatGPT for Slack, users no longer have to toggle between the two services. Instead, they can ask ChatGPT questions right inside Slack and get the answers that they need in seconds.


‘Slack is where work happens. Bringing in ChatGPT and being able to leverage a chat interface where all your coworkers already are, along with automation, intelligence and programmatic abilities: that integration creates a lot of magic. This is going to be a humongous boost to our intellectual productivity.’

Solutions Engineer, Open AI



‘We believe there are a lot of possibilities with Slack and ChatGPT integrating into the future,’ the team says. ‘Improving the workflow and the interconnectedness of the organisations is key toward boosting productivity, and this integration will have a significant impact across all industries that are using Slack.’