Keep work organised with channels

When communication is scattered across emails, chats and calls, it can be challenging for teammates to get the context that they need to work together.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Slack to:

  • Work in one place
  • Provide context for your team
  • Bring your teammates together


Work in one place

Whether you're kicking off a new project or your team needs a place for ongoing discussion on a topic, you can create channels to keep relevant conversations organised.

Create a channel

Add a channel prefix

Say that you're launching a new project. Create a channel to keep related information in one place. Creating a new channel in Slack
Add a prefix to the channel name so that the channel is easy to search for and its purpose is clear. adding a prefix to a new channel's name

Try it: Use the prefix project- for a channel dedicated to a project.


Provide context for your team

Make it easy for everyone to get up to speed by adding key information to channels.

Pin a message

Set a channel topic

You can add details for a project launch and pin the message so that anyone who joins the channel can easily reference it. pinning a message to a channel for easy reference
Use the channel topic to inform teammates about the project status or an upcoming deadline.

Try it: Add or edit the topic in a channel. You can even include emoji. ✨


Bring your teammates together

Bringing the right people together in channels gives the team a shared view of the work being done. When you're ready to get to work with your teammates on a project, add them to the channel.

adding people to a newly created channel

Tip: You can add people from other companies to a channel so that you can communicate securely with clients or vendors, for example.