Automations: Schedule recurring messages in a channel

 What you'll learn in 5 minutes or less: How to schedule recurring messages in a channel so you can send reminders, set up daily stand-ups, or keep project updates organized.


Go for it! Start with a workflow template

  1. From your desktop, hover over   More.
  2. Select  Automations.
  3. Click Templates and select the Send a scheduled message template.


Step 1: Set a schedule for your message

  1. The template is set up to send a recurring message in a channel on a schedule. To specify the schedule, click the first   pencil icon.
  2. Edit the date and time you want the workflow to start, and choose a frequency.
  3. Click Save.


Step 2: Edit your message and where to send it

  1. To edit the message and the channel where the recurring message will be sent, click the second   pencil icon.
  2. Type the channel's name in the first field and select it from the list. Then, customize the message in the Add a message field.
  3. Click Save.


Step 3: Finish up

  1. Click Finish Up, then give your workflow a name and click Next.
  2. Add workflow managers and edit permissions if you'd like, then click Publish.
  3. Your workflow is published! To learn more about workflows and to find help, click the  question mark icon in Slack.