Focus on what matters to you

If you receive a steady stream of emails, chats, and calls, it may be difficult to focus on work that matters most.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Slack to:

  • Organize your conversations
  • Keep up with work that’s relevant to you
  • Remind yourself about important messages


Organize your conversations

As work changes over time, you can organize conversations in ways that work for you. Star channels and direct messages (DMs), or if you use Slack on a paid plan, create custom sections within your sidebar. Watch the video below to learn more.

Try it: Star an important conversation like the DM with your manager, or create a team section and add your team’s channel and DMs.


Keep up with work that’s relevant to you

You can configure your notifications and leave conversations to help you keep up with work that's most relevant to you.

Customize your notifications

Leave a channel

Watch the video below to learn about Slack notifications and how to customize them.

Try it: Set a notification schedule to only receive notifications at certain times.

If you join a channel to ask a question, you can leave the channel after you get the information you're looking for.

selecting to leave a channel in Slack


Remind yourself about important messages

If you're worried about forgetting important messages, you can put your mind at ease by setting reminders for yourself in Slack. Set a reminder so that you’ll be notified about a message later. setting a reminder from a message in Slack

Try it: To set a reminder, hover over a message and click the  three dots icon, then select Remind me about this.